Are you worried that getting a new pool might be difficult because you aren’t sure of how to finance it? With a little planning, financing that new swimming pool can be a lot easier and less painful than you might think.

While it may be winter right now, this is the perfect time to start thinking about buying a pool and planning for how to pay for it. For many of our customers, developing a financial plan is the first step in designing the inground pool or spa of their dreams. This first step does not have to be hard, there are many ways to finance a pool. Having a good source of income is essential to cover the cost of large investments such as this. Making use of Bitcoin Wallets to keep a little extra money on the side can be a great way to top up your existing income streams so that you can make purchases sooner – check out information online to learn about Bitcoin trading so that you can learn and benefit financially from this rising financial technology.

The most common methods include home equity loans, and refinancing your home through your local bank. There are also companies that have niche in pool loans. We would be happy to discuss these options and others on a personal basis as part of the initial design consultation.

Pool Financing with Home Equity Loan:

The easiest types loans for a swimming pool are through your bank and they are standard home equity line of credit or refinancing your home. A home equity line of credit is when you take money out of the money (equity) you have but into your house each month when you pay your mortgage.

This type of loan has advantages in the fact that these tend to be very low interest loans.

Pool Financing with Refinancing Your Home:

Choosing to refinance your home from high interest rates and taking advantage of the near all-time low interest rates can be a great option for some. With refinancing you can take some money out of your principal balance to make home improvements. You can learn more about this loan here if you’re interested.

It is worth noting that equity lines of credit and refinancing your home are the easiest loans because it is actually taking the money that you already have that allows you to make the improvements you want.

Pool Financing Company:

Another option is working with a pool financing company such as Paramount Financing which works with Barrington Pools to get you that pool you have been dreaming of. Paramount also offers home refinancing and equity lines of credit and many other options to meet the needed that fits you best.

Installment Payments:

Barrington Pools makes paying for your pool easy by starting with only 10% down to start and then you will pay gradually through the building process and at the end of the process you will have a beautiful pool or spa and it will be all paid for.

If you can dream it we can work with you to make all of your pool dreams come true.

For more information about financing your new swimming pool, please contact us today and we can give you more specific financing information tailored for the pool of your dreams.