How long has Barrington Pools been in business?

Barrington Pools has been in business continually since 1973 and has built more than 7,000 swimming pools in the Northern Illinois area.

Can Barrington Pools design a totally customized pool for me?

Yes. Our design consultants are among the best in the industry. They are well-versed in design, are current with design trends and industry technology.

What types of swimming pools and systems are best for families with pets?

Shotcrete pools offer the best solution for families with pets that enjoy swimming. Claws may scratch the sides of fiberglass pools and will definitely tear the sides of lined pools. Barrington Pools has designed and built swimming pools for animal/pet therapy as well. Depending on the pet, we can offer a variety of filtration systems to ensure the best water quality and a minimum impact on the animal.

Is an in-ground pool a good investment?

Yes. In-ground pools are the most durable pools for the Midwest weather and the most aesthetically pleasing pools among alternatives.

To what professional organizations do you belong?

Barrington Pools is a member in good standing of the Master Pools Guild, Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and the Barrington Chamber of Commerce.

Is Barrington Pools licensed and bonded?

Yes and yes.

Can Barrington Pools provide an environmentally sustainable (green) swimming pool?

Yes. We have many options available to conserve energy including a 96% efficiency heater and an enginereed thermal break that is installed under the pool. We build more ‘green’ pools than anyone else in the industry and offer the latest innovations. Also, salt water pool systems have less environmental impact over time than do chlorine systems.

What types of swimming pool systems are best for people with allergies?

Ask your allergist whether you may benefit from a salt water pool. The switch from a chlorine-based system MAY benefit those with skin and respiratory issues.

What types of automatic swimming pool cleaning systems do you offer?

Our clients demand high performance cleaning systems. We are the exclusive installers of the PCC-2000 cleaning system and offer the Polaris system as well.

What types of finishes and colors are available for my pool?

For new pools and pool renovation, Barrington Pools is your exclusive source for PebbleTec® finishes in Illinois. All of our pools are built with superior-quality pool finishes that offer natural beauty, non-slip surfaces, and ease of maintenance.

Have you won any awards for your pool designs?

Yes. Barrington Pools has received numerous industry awards for all pool styles and the innovations we have introduced.

Do you provide service after installation?

Yes. Please visit our services page.

Will I be instructed on the operation and maintenance of my pool?

Yes. Barrington Pools will schedule an on-site meeting to review the proper care and maintenance of your swimming pool and systems at which time you will receive your Owner’s Manual with all warranties.

Should I be concerned about the 'messiness' of a job site in my backyard?

No. Barrington Pools crews will clean the job site on a daily basis. We run clean job sites and will always respect your property.

Will you remove the tire tracks left on my property from heavy equipment accesssing the site?

Yes. Barrington Pools will grade your yard after pool construction is completed.

What time do your crews begin work in the morning?

At sunrise or in accordance with local municipal ordinances. Additionally, start times may vary depending on traffic to your location.

What is the average duration of construction?

As a custom pool builder, there are several factors that determine the total duration of the pool building process. For example, Project completion times can vary depending on the complexity of the design, change orders (if any), and, unfortunately, the weather.

Do I have adequate electrical service?

Our electrical professionals will check your electrical service before ground-breaking.

Will a manager be present to supervise the project?

Yes. Also, a client services representative will be available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All contact information will be provided to you before ground-breaking.

Who will be responsible to apply for and obtain all neessary building permits?

Barrington Pools will handle this as part of our turn-key process.

Do you offer swimming pool covers?

Yes. We offer the best integrated and automated swimming pool cover available. We invite you to visit our showroom for a demonstration.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, through our local bank or through a larger lender specializing in construction loans for swimming pools.

Do you sell swimming pool supplies?

Yes. Barrington Pools [service department] can help ensure you are properly protecting your poolscape investment. Click Here >