Giving a swimming pool to your family this Christmas? If you are then click here to find a swimming pool builder in Corona that will install a high-quality pool for you. Here are 5 creative ways to wrap up your wonderful gift so that the family has something to open up on Christmas Day!

1. Get a big box and fill it with toys and floats for the pool

You can buy all sorts of swimming pool items online since most pool items are seasonal for much of the brick and mortar stores in the USA. Wrap each item separately and tag them for each family member so everyone can open the gifts at the same time. Once all those gifts are wrapped up, wrap the big box with a giant bow! The family will love this and it will be fun to open!

Lego Swimming Pool

2. Buy a Lego swimming pool activity kit

Build your swimming pool with Lego Friends City Pool. Wrap it up and when the family opens it on Christmas Day see if they think you gave them Legos or if they understand what you are really giving them!


3. Make a collage of swimming pools in a frame

Cut out beautiful pictures of some pools and spas and frame them then wrap it up and watch your family’s eyes light up when they unwrap this gift! Even better, get yourself some official ‘deep water’ signs (if you’re looking for some – Start here), and other swimming-related health and safety equipment to place by the photos to really test their guessing game!

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

4. Give the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

All Clark Griswold wanted to do was buy his family a swimming pool with his Christmas bonus money. See how long it will take for your family to get the clue on what your real Christmas present is!

Swimming Pool Cake

5. Get a cake that is decorated like a swimming pool

Find a great baker that will create a swimming pool cake with your families name on it. Not only is this a “sweet” present at Christmas, this summer they will still think it is sweet when they are diving into your new pool!

However you give a swimming pool for Christmas have fun with it! Merry Christmas!