When first meeting with a Barrington Pools representative, be prepared to talk about exactly what you want. You have probably already spent many days dreaming of the perfect pool, we can help you make that a reality!

We are a fully custom luxury pool company, that being said upon our first meeting most of the conversation is going to be about what you want and don’t be shy or afraid that it can’t be done.

Do you like geometrical pools, or are you into the freeform look? Is an automatic safety cover a must have, or is a hot tub really what you need to complete your dream back yard? There are almost no limits on what we can build, so be ready to tell us how you see your dream pool. Our job as is to listen to you and to design the pool of your dream. So don’t hold back and spare no details!

Things to think about when Designing your Dream Pool:


Shape: Which can be anything. Rectangular and modern, or freeform and natural. What do you favor?


Size: We build pools in a very large range of sizes. From spas to spools to water park size pools we have done it all. When considering size, think of what you and your family will be using the pool for. Perhaps a sport pool, where your kids will spend their summers playing volleyball and basket ball. Or maybe a relaxation pool, where the primary use will be tanning, and floating your troubles away. Or do you see yourself diving and going on a ride down a slide? It could even be all the above!


Water features: Another area Barrington Pools is well versed on. If you are going for a natural look, a waterfall is a great way to add a lot of style to your pool. But if you like a cleaner more subtle look, deck jets add a lot of visual interest without being distracting. Or if a slide is a must have for the kids, let us know and we will design the pool in a way that makes the slide look like it belongs exactly where it is.

Feel free to browse our photo gallery of pools. It’s ok to say “I like this pool, but can you do this”. That should also help give you a better idea of what you want your dream pool can look like.

Why wait another day? Call today and set up your free consultation, or head on over to our Facebook page and ask us questions there as well.