• We are finding out that less is more when it comes to pool chemicals. Credible scientific studies tell us that chemical levels are way too high resulting in an increased risk of allergies, asthma, and disease. UV does the heavy lifting by eliminating 99.5% of pool pathogens. The result? You’ll need about 90% less chemicals.


  • We’ve been hearing about going green at home for years, now it’s your pool’s turn. Your pool is one of over 8 million pools in the US alone. UV pool sanitation is a trademark of the most socially responsible swimming pools.


  • It’s no surprise that dramatically lowering your pool chemicals will save you a big chunk of change. But the savings don’t end there. SpectraLight pool sanitation also extends the life of almost all of your other pool equipment.


  • SpectraLight can be installed in three easy steps in about 30 minutes. SpectraLight UV sterilizers are easily connected between your existing pool filter and the water line returning to your pool. SpectraLight it is compatible with all swimming pools, including salt water pools


  • The solution is proven and simple. Ultraviolet light. SpectraLight is designed to safely eliminate dangerous chlorine by-products, helping us to protect what’s important. By harnessing the raw power of ultraviolet light. UV technology dramatically lowers the need for chlorine and eliminates chlorine by-products for a cleaner, safer, and easier to manage swimming pool or spa. Many commercial pools have already moved to UV disinfection, and with great success. And now SpectraLight is making UV disinfection affordable for all.


You can call Barrington Pools at (847) 381-1245 to find out more information on SpectraLight and how we can install it for you.