Are you planning a vacation this winter? Maybe a getaway to a warm Caribbean island or somewhere more exotic like South America, Africa, or Asia? How are you planning to get there? The dream would be to travel by private jet charter, of course – click this link to browse online the options of this service.

Wherever you are heading, I am sure they will have an amazing pool for you to relax and enjoy while you are there. Sadly, vacations by definition have to end. Don’t worry though – you can take your photos and ideas back home with you and use them as the foundation to build your ideal pool with our custom pool designers here in Chicago!

While most residential pools will be far smaller than those seen in resorts, many basic elements can be scaled to fit your property and budget.

Grottos and Water Features:


These water features can typically be replicated and we have built quite a few waterfalls and grottos for our residential customers in Chicago. The primary limit is the size of your property, but we can build small ones for urban spaces and huge ones for those that want an impressive focal point on their pool deck

Spas and Hot Tubs:


Spas and hot tubs can be integrated into almost any swimming pool design you may have in mind. These can be simple stand-alone builds, or integrated into the pool like the example above.

Swim Up Pool Bars:


Pool bars are among the most popular features these days. Whether you are looking for something with just a few stools and a counter over which to serve drinks or a fully functional bar with electricity and refrigeration, we can build this out for you and ensure that your guests are never thirsty!

Natural Look Pool Designs:


Many resort pools pride themselves in creating a unique oasis of relaxation that helps the vacationer escape from reality. As such, natural pool designs are very popular. Luckily we can similarly build a pool that produces a natural look and is designed to integrate into your property’s natural terrain – or create something completely unique to transport you to another place and time entirely!

Of course, we can’t always match everything you might see in your resort (unless you happen to have a huge shark tank or your house is sitting atop a 55 story tall skyscraper!)



Do these images spark your imagination? Give us a call and bring your vacation photos with you when you meet with us so we can build the pool of your dreams!