With Derby Day around the corner we thought we would talk about how horses use swimming pools and how similar we are to these beautiful animals.

Swimming is one of the greatest exercises anyone and any animal can do. It is the number one low impact way to get your body in shape so it is no wonder that it is the best low impact way to train a horse.

There are many different places that cater to helping horses improve their stamina and agility by getting them in a swimming pool. The swimming pools they use for horses are specifically designed for them and include a treadmill, spa jets, and are temperature controlled to meet the horses specific needs and optimal training. If this sounds like a familiar training technique to you it is probably because some of the world’s top human athletes train in the water as well.

Top athletes know that by training in a controlled environment swimming pool they can get the best exercise of their lives. We at Barrington Pools have created and continue to create pools just for optimal athletic training as well as leisure pools and pools that combine both training and leisure.



Besides the training aspect of swimming pools it is used for therapy for horses that have injuries just like its human friends. Aquatic Therapy has been around forever and can help a horse or a human keep its stamina up while gently working the injured body area with little impact. The weightlessness one has in water helps one rehabilitated without all the stress that would be imposed on the body if it were on land.

As you can see having a swimming pool is not only fun but can be the best fitness option for you if you need to get your body in its best shape ever or if you need a low impact way to stay fit and work injured areas in your body. If you are interested in a swimming pool to meet any of these needs or just a pool for fun give us a call at Barrington Pools and we can make your dreams come true.